Aircraft aluminum sheet features lightness, strength and workability,used in commerical aircraft,military airplane,spacecraft,etc. Rich aviation aluminum alloys for you.


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The Versatile 6063 Aluminum Plate

Alloy 6063 with Mg and Si as main elements has excellent processing properties, excellent weldability, extrudability and electroplating properties, good corrosion resistance, excellent anodizing effect, etc. It is widely used in construction field, elevators, fences,etc.

6063 aluminum alloy has many features: It can be strengthened by heat treatment, has high impact toughness and is insensitive to defects. It has excellent thermoplasticity and can be extruded into a complex structure at high speed. Thin-walled parts (6<3mm) can also be wind quenched.

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In addition, it has excellent welding performance and corrosion resistance, no stress corrosion cracking tendency. Among the heat-treatable aluminum alloys, the Al-Mg-Si series alloy is the only alloy that has no stress corrosion cracking phenomenon.


The raw material for shipbuilding must have good performance and strong corrosion resistance. 6063 aluminium plate has long service life in the harsh environment, which can meet the requirements of ship production.


The biggest feature of refrigerator production is its good airtightness. Refrigerators require refrigeration and fresh-keeping effects during use. 6063 aluminum has very good sealing performance.

Aerospace Equipment

The materials used in space equipment must have good performance in the extremely harsh environment. 6063 Aluminum plate is used to make plate fuselage frames, beams, rotors, propellers, fuel tanks, rocket forging rings, spacecraft siding, etc.

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