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2xxx Aluminium Aircraft Grade

2xxx aluminum is with copper as the main alloy element. It includes It includes Al-Cu-Mg alloy, Al-Cu-Mg-Fe-Ni alloy and Al-Cu-Mn alloy. All of these alloys can be heat treated. It features high strength, including 2A06, 2A10, 2A12, 2A16, 2014, 2017, 2024, 2124, 2224, 2524 and other alloy grades.

2xxx aluminum plate is of high hardness, which is mainly used in aerospace and other fields. For example: aluminum 2024 is mainly used for propeller structures and aircraft fuselage; 2124 aluminum is mainly used for aircraft appearance and wings;2224 is mainly used for aircraft structures; 2524 is mainly used for aircraft appearances.

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The tensile strength of 2××× aluminum alloy is 400~500 MPa, which is lower than the room temperature strength of 7××× aluminum alloy, but its heat resistance, fatigue resistance, especially fatigue crack growth resistance are all higher than 7xxx aluminum.

Among the 2xxx aluminum alloy, the 2024 alloy invented in 1939 is the more commonly used one. 2024 alloy has brought great changes to the structure and performance of aircraft, and also laid the foundation for the development of 2xxx aluminum aircraft grade.

The main alloy element of 2024 aluminum alloy are Cu, Mg, Mn, and Fe and Si are the main impurities. 2024 T3 Aluminum is a common temper, which high plasticity, fatigue resistance, fracture toughness and fatigue crack growth resistance, but its corrosion resistance is poor.

2024 aluminum plate mainly used on fuselages, wings, shear ribs and webs, and other structural parts that require high strength. Artificial aging can be used to improve the corrosion resistance, heat resistance and yield strength of 2024 alloy, but the plasticity and fatigue fracture resistance will decrease, and the fatigue crack growth rate will also increase.

Haomei Aluminum has all the main 2xxx aluminum aircraft grade such as 2024, 2014, 2A12, 2219, 2017,etc. Welcome to leave message below to inquire it.

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