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Dural 30mm Aluminum Sheet for Aircraft

More than 90% of the thick aircraft aluminium sheets are produced by heat-treatable aluminum alloys (2XXX, 6XXX, 7XXX, and a small amount of 8XXX series alloys), while about 85% of the aluminum alloy thick plates used in other industries are produced by heat treatment non-strengthenable aluminum alloys (1XXX, 3XXX, 5XXX, some 8XXX series alloys).

Among the aluminum thick plates used in aerospace, the thickness ≤ 75mm accounts for about 95%, the width is not more than 3600mm, and the length is not more than 32.5m. 30mm aluminium plate is a common thickness.

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Commonly used aerospace aluminum alloys

Medium-strength aluminum alloys: 2xxx series and Al-Mg-Li alloys in aluminum-lithium alloys.

Dural aluminum alloys: 7xxx series and Al-Cu-Li series, Al-Cu-Li-Mg series alloys in aluminum-lithium alloys.

Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloys: 5xxx and 3xxx aluminum alloys

7xxx dural aluminum alloys are used to manufacture aircraft structures and other high-stress structural parts that require high strength and strong corrosion resistance, such as upper and lower wing panels, purlins, and bulkheads.

After solution treatment, the plasticity is good, and the heat treatment strengthening effect is particularly good. It has high strength below 150°C, and has particularly good low-temperature strength, poor welding performance, and tends to stress corrosion cracking..

Aluminum alloy thick plates must be produced by ingot hot-rolling method (including Hazelett continuous casting and rolling method). The thick plate production capacity does not refer to the production capacity of the hot rolling mill, but the production capacity of the rear finishing equipment (solution treatment furnace, aging furnace, pre-stretching machine, ultrasonic probe production line, etc.)

Modern roller hearth solution treatment furnaces, pre-stretchers and ultrasonic flaw detectors are a must for the production of high-quality aerospace aluminum alloys. As one of the aircraft metal suppliers in China, we have them.

Some components of the aircraft wing are made of 2XXX and 7XXX dural aluminum alloy thick plates. The longest length of the required plate is about 38m, and the widest width is about 4100mm. Therefore, the maximum width of the rolls of the hot rolling mill can reach 4300mm, and the maximum length of the hearth of the roller hearth solution treatment can reach 40m, which can meet the needs of the aviation industry for aluminum alloy thick plates.

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