Aircraft aluminum sheet features lightness, strength and workability,used in commerical aircraft,military airplane,spacecraft,etc. Rich aviation aluminum alloys for you.


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The Main Aluminium Alloy Used in Aircraft

The aircraft aluminum alloy is of low density, good corrosion resistance, high specific strength, specific rigidity, easy processing and forming, and sufficient experience in use. These advantages make it an ideal material for aircraft structures.

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2014 Aluminum: It is used in applications requiring high strength and hardness (including high temperature) such as heavy-duty aircraft, forgings, thick plates, extruded materials, multi-stage rocket first-stage fuel tanks and spacecraft parts.

2017 Aluminum: It is the first 2XXX aluminum to obtain industrial application. The current application range is relatively narrow, mainly for rivets, general mechanical parts, structural and transportation structural parts, propellers and accessories.

AA2024 alloy: It is the most widely used aircraft aluminum sheet, which is used to make aircraft structure, rivets, missile components, truck wheel hubs, propeller components and other structural parts.

2A12 aluminum: It is used to make fuselage skin, bulkheads, wing ribs, wing beams, rivets, and construction and transportation tool structures.

7049 aluminum: It is used for forging parts that have the same static strength as 7079-T6 alloy and require high resistance to stress corrosion cracking, such as aircraft and missile parts.

7050 aluminum: It has rich forms including thick plates, extrusions, free forgings and die forgings for aircraft structural parts. It has strong spalling corrosion resistance and stress corrosion cracking energy.

7075 aluminum alloy: It is is used to manufacture aircraft structures and other high-stress structural parts and molds that require high strength and strong corrosion resistance.

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