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2xxx Aluminum on Airplane and Spacecraft

Aluminum alloys are mainly used as structural materials in aircraft, such as skins, frames, propellers, fuel tanks, siding and landing gear,etc. The aircraft aluminum sheets used in the world today are mainly high-strength 2xxx aluminum (2024, 2224, 2324, 2424, 2524, etc.) and ultra-high-strength 7xxx series (7075, 7475, 7050, 7150, 7055, 7085, etc.).

Duraluminum 2024 is widely used in the manufacture of high-tech products such as aviation, aerospace, radar, etc. At present, in the field of scientific research, the research on the structure, second phase precipitation and properties of 2024 aluminum alloy materials has also achieved a lot of results.

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2024 aluminum plate has high fracture toughness and low fatigue crack growth rate, and is the most commonly used skin material for aircraft fuselage and underwings. Its alloying elements are more effective, and the comprehensive performance is good. The characteristics of the alloy are: high compressive strength, certain temperature resistance, and can be used as a working part below 150 degrees.

The main alloying elements of 2024 aluminum alloy are Cu, Mg, Mn, and Fe and Si are the main impurities. 2024 aluminum alloy is commonly used in T3 and T4 states, and artificial aging can be used to improve the corrosion resistance, heat resistance and yield strength of 2024 alloy, but the plasticity and fatigue fracture resistance will be reduced.

2024 alloy has excellent comprehensive properties and high temperature creep resistance after artificial aging, and has a small tendency to soften at high temperature. It can be used for a long time at higher temperatures. It is mainly used for the skins and engines of commercial and military aircraft that often withstand high temperatures above 121 °C.

Most of the Japanese H-I rockets are made of aluminum. Except for the fuel and oxidant tanks, the other structures of rockets and spacecraft are the same as those of aircraft, and most of which uses duraluminum 2024 and 7075 alloys.

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