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7000 Series High Strength Aluminum Alloys

The main components of the 2000 series aluminum alloy, which are widely used in the aerospace field, are aluminum (Al), copper (Cu), and magnesium (Mg). The main elements of the 7000 series high strength aluminum alloys are Al, zinc (Zn) ,Mg and Cu elements, and some high-performance (high strength, high toughness, corrosion resistance) aluminum alloy materials obtained by adding some special elements.

The excellent processing performance, corrosion resistance and high toughness of 7000 series aluminum alloy make it a major structural material in aerospace. In 1943, the 7075 alloy developed in the United States was first applied to the B-29 bomber, which brought revolutionary changes to the aircraft structure and performance. Subsequently, 7000 series aluminum alloys sprung up and were imitated and developed by various countries, and were widely used in high-end applications. In manufacturing products.

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7000 series aluminum alloys exhibit higher strength than other grades of aluminum alloys in the manufacture of upper wing skins, longitudinal beams, and horizontal/vertical stabilizers. Compressive strength and fatigue resistance are key parameters in the design of upper wing structural components. The structural design of the horizontal and vertical stabilizers is basically the same as that of the wing.

7075 aluminum has zinc as the main alloying element. As a member of the 7000 series, its strength is very high and comparable to many types of steel. Although it has high strength, it has lower corrosion resistance than other common aluminum alloys and does not offer the same level of machinability or weldability. Due to its high strength, it is often used in applications under high stress, such as aircraft wing spars and ground support equipment.

7075 aluminum plate is one of the stronger alloys commercially available. After 7075 aluminum heat treatment, it can achieve very high strength properties. 7075 aluminum plates generally add a small amount of copper, chromium and other alloys. Among this series, 7075-T651 aluminum plates are particularly top-grade and are known as the best products among aluminum alloys. They have high strength and are far superior to any mild steel. This alloy also has good mechanical properties and anodic reaction.

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